My name is Lauren DiDonato

Below you can read a bit about me

Professional Skills

I'm a freelance writer, trying to make my dreams of writing professionally come true.


As a writer, creativity is essential. I strive to put a personal touch on everything I create. No matter what the topic, I can put a creative spin on whatever I’m writing, while keeping it professional and customized based on the assignment.


It really goes without saying that having my work in before deadlines are up is essential. You can depend on me for work that is completed, proofread, and up to your standards.


 Originality is HUGE. When you read an article of mine I want it to stand out. Even if the topic has been covered a million times, I want my article to be the best. .


Just Me

I’m a twenty-something woman, born and raised in the suburbs of Philly. I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, which is basically a fancy way of saying social work or psychology. Out of college I worked as a counselor for at-risk youth. Being able to reach a kid and make an impact on their life is one of the most amazing feelings that I am very proud to have.  I am currently training to become a Certified Residential Appraiser. However, like the website says, I’m a writer first. It’s my passion, it’s my dream and my creative outlet. To me, writing is everything.